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  • I have been building circuits,programming them and repairing electronic equipment for 15 years now.
    I can build stuff for people and demonstrate electronics. Programming solving issues like whats the best microcontroller for the job. Demonstrate how to hookup a sensor to an arduino then send the data to the rasberry pi and display it.
    Display my project along with others here in Charlotte.

    • garrywakely says:

      Hello Rob – Thank you for your comment on our Faire site. Are you wanting to come and exhibit this year? It sounds like you would be a good match. Kingsport is about 3 hours from Charlotte, though.

      • Gary
        I would come there and demonstrate electronics. Take off the shelf stuff (appliances, electronics) take the sensors, motors out show how interface to them and turn other parts into sensors.
        Demonstrate my project.
        Rob v

  • Where can i get a couple of tickets? Do i need to register for a booth?

  • Aislinn Ryan says:

    Hi! Aislinn Ryan of Imagination Unltd. I do face painting and body art. Ive participated in this fair before and had a great time. Would love to be a part of it in 2018…..I use Snazaroo face paints the worlds safest….they are certified AP non toxic, hypo allergenic, and FDA compliant. Please feel free to call me with any questions. (847)707-1590 CELL

    • garrywakely says:

      Hello Aislinn – Thank you for contacting us about this year’s Maker Faire. I have taken note of your name and contact information, and have you down as an exhibitor for July. I will be in contact again later with more information as it becomes available. Thanks!
      Garry Wakely

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